4 Tips for Using Table Tents to Market Your Restaurant to Your Most Receptive Audience

tips for table tents marketing

Use table tents to target an already-interested audience: guests at your table

Engage your customers where they’re at—meet them at each and every table in your restaurant with table tents. By their presence in your restaurant, your guests your guests are present in your restaurant, you already know they’re interested in what you have to offer. Give them more reasons to make repeat visits.

1. Use Table Tents Because They Work

Eye-catching table tents work hand-in-hand with your menu to market your restaurant. Table tents provide information and alerts about special events, market seasonal promotions, food and drink specials and featured items, and upsell desserts and drinks`. Be sure to use this prime marketing space to your advantage. Advertise. Upsell. Encourage repeat visits.

Restaurant guests look to table tents for information about loyalty programs, food and drink specials, special events, charitable causes and environmental impact. Customers say this information is likely to inspire repeat visits and get them to recommend a restaurant to friends, according to a TorkUSA/National Restaurant Association survey.

table tent by GMI2. Design Table Tents With Your Customers in Mind

Before you design your next table tent, answer some basic questions: who are the customers I’m talking to? What do they want? What do I have to offer that will be of interest to them? Tailor your message to your audience’s wants and needs, and you’ll make more of an impact. Simple idea, easy to overlook in the demands of running a small business.

Obviously, you want to pay attention to the season: market food items, drinks, desserts and specials that match the time of year, holidays, special events and so on.

3. Focus Your Message

Whatever you have to say, say it short. Conventional wisdom says more than seven words on a billboard are wasted. Your guests won’t be reading your table tent as they zoom by at 75 miles per hour, but still, space for your message is limited. Get it across in as few words as possible. Use a compelling headline. Include a call to action if appropriate.

spring table tent by GMI4. Appearance Matters

The table tents you set out on each table should look as good as each dish you bring out of your kitchen. The appearance of each sends a message to your customers about the quality of the dining experience they can expect. design your table tent to look professional. Use photos, artwork and graphics that reinforce your message while reflecting the ambiance and theme of your restaurant. Having a consistent look to your printed marketing materials (table tents, menu, posters, flyers, brochures and more) makes a more professional presentation overall.


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