About Us: Santa’s Long Reach

It’s Christmas around the world in our front office this year. Many years back our president asked, instead of presenting him with a holiday gift, we direct our energy and resources towards a local family in need. So began a holiday tradition in our workplace. We generally contact the nearby women’s shelter and provide gifts for a local family. In the run-up to the holidays, clothes and coats, balls, dolls and other toys—even bicycles some years—make their appearance in our office.

gift boxes await delivery

GMI employees filled gift boxes for children half-way around the world.

This year we opted to extend our reach to the other side of the world. We collected gifts to fill small boxes to be sent to children across the globe through an organization that reaches out to people affected by war, famine and disease. While providing material and spiritual support to adults in hard-hit communities, they also reach out to children with gift boxes packed with an assortment of items. Even now, our contributions are winging their way across the sea to touch the lives of children. Little gifts, big impact..

Those of us in the hospitality industry know what it is to meet the needs of our neighbors, create a welcoming atmosphere and perhaps watch a meaningful experience unfold for them. This holiday season we’re pleased to have done something similar for our young neighbors in a community as far from here as we can imagine, and as close as the bonds that connect us all one to another.

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