The Road to a Better Menu

Avalanche02Our youngest menu designer bought a new-to-him Chevy Avalanche pickup truck yesterday. He drove it to work today for the first time. It’s his dream vehicle, a shining beauty in black, bronze and chrome. In his understated way he’s pleased and proud as can be. You can bet he’s going to treat this truck as something special, respect it for it’s V-8 power and six-speed automatic transmission. He’s going to go places with this baby.

I checked out the reviews of this model when it first came off the line. Critics were enthusistic. Consumer Guide said, “No other pickup offers Avalanche’s blend of useful passenger accommodations, expandable cargo room, big-truck muscle, and friendly road manners.” The Orlando Sentinel called it “essentially a four-wheeled, 5,645-pound Swiss Army knife.” The Fort Worth Star-Telegram said, “The Avalanche, while it is a truck underneath, is a vehicle that is elegant, comfortable and practical all in one package.”

These reviewers might as well have been talking about a professionally designed restaurant menu:

  • Useful
  • Accommodating to its users
  • Expandable
  • Big-truck muscle
  • Friendly
  • As multi-functioned as a Swiss Army knife
  • Elegant
  • Comfortable
  • Practical

A professionally designed menu serves as a powerful vehicle to move your business forward. It increases sales, selling more of the items you want customers to order. While offering marketing muscle, it remains user-friendly to your guests. It enhances the customer’s perception of your restaurant, sets a tone and contributes to the dining experience.

Your menu deserves your respect.

It’s true with menus, as it is with so much else in life; what you think determines how you act. If you think of a restaurant menu as simply a laundry list of items customers can choose from, then you’re probably not going to treat it any different than any other laundry list you have stuck in your pocket. If you’re running a restaurant, this will cost you big-time in lost sales potential.

Treat your menu as a snazzy shining vehicle for carrying your business forward and it will take you places you want to go.

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