So Good You Want to Roll Around In It

So_goodOne man of our party of eight flipped the menu pages forward, then backwards, forwards again. Our server stood waiting, her arms full of the breakfast menus and breakfast features menus she’d collected from the rest of us. She looked over his head to a painting of an old grist mill on the wall. She glanced toward the kitchen. Finally she pointed to the picture on the front of the breakfast features menu: cinnamon apple French toast. “This is awesome,” she said. “I don’t usually like French toast myself, but this is so good you just want to roll around in it.”

Several of us spoke at the same time, echoing her phrase: “Roll around in it?!?”

“Roll around in it?,” the Undecider said. “I want that.”

Kurt, a bacon-and-eggs guy, turned to the waitress. “No fair! You didn’t tell us about the French toast before we ordered.”

“You already knew what you wanted,” she said.

“Well, I’m changing my mind. I want the apple cinnamon French toast, too.”

Three others followed suit. In all, five of our party ordered the meal described as so good you want to roll around in it.

It was a simple reminder to me of how important the server’s role is when it comes to selling menu items most profitable for the restaurant. What a difference a compelling description can make.

For a winning combination, team an up-to-date menu designed to feature your higher profit items with servers who have been trained promote those items.

Photo: Truck driver, sailor, and waitress at a highway coffee shop on U.S. Highway 90 in southern Louisiana, 1943. Credit: John Vachon, via Library of Congress website

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