Menu Engineering

Menus Engineered to Boost Sales

Expect a 7 to 10 Percent Increase

Pancho_and_Lefty2Your menu serves as your restaurant’s most important sales and marketing tool. All of your profits flow through your menu. Let Graphic Menus, Inc. help you make the most of it!

GMI custom designs and prints menus that increase sales and maximize profits. We showcase the items that will best increase your bottom line. Our clients regularly report a 7 to 10 percent increase in sales with their new GMI-designed menu. Think about what this means for you: if you gross a million dollars in sales annually, that’s $70,000 or more in additional sales. If you gross a half-million dollars each year, that’s another $35,000. What would this mean for your business?

Whether yours is a regional chain requiring full-scale support or a single-unit family-run operation that needs a basic menu, Graphic Menus, Inc., has the talent, insight, experience and savvy to help you get the best return on your investment.

Menu Engineering

Clock4Graphic Menus applies the art and science of menu engineering to sell more of the items you want to sell—more of your popular, high-profit menu items. It’s that simple.

It’s one thing to talk about menu engineering, and quite another to actually apply the science to menu design. Yet almost all your profits start when a customer orders an item from your menu. Menu engineering is all about guiding customers to more often order items that will make you more money.

GMI uses a variety of strategies to make this happen. Putting appealing photographs of popular, easy-to-prepare, profitable items in prime locations on the menu can have a dramatic impact on your sales, food cost and profitability.

We’ve been engineering profit-making menus since 1969. GMI designs, prints and delivers menus and related marketing materials that get results. Our clients regularly report seeing sales increase 7 to 10%—or more—after putting our menus in use.

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Restaurateurs regularly report a 7 to 10 percent increase in sales after putting their new GMI-designed menu in use. Run the numbers and you’ll see just how affordable an investment that is!

Think about what a 7 to 10 percent increase in sales means for you: if you gross $1 million in sales annually, a 7 percent increase means $70,000 or more in additional sales each year. If you gross a half-million dollars each year, a 7 percent increase means another $35,000. What effect would this have on your business?

Update your price points by 5 percent at the same time you roll out a new GMI-engineered menu, and you’ll likely add an additional 3 to 5 percent, for an expected total of 10 to 15 percent—or more—in additional annual sales.

What would a 10 to 15 percent increase in sales mean for your operation? If you gross $1 million in sales each year, a 10 percent increase means another $100,000 in annual sales, while the cost of your new menus would likely be a few dollars a day.


  • over-the-shoulderCustom Menu Design
  • Menu Engineering (To maximize sales)
  • Copywriting
  • Proofreading
  • Stock Photography
  • In-House Printing
  • Gloss and Matte Lamination
  • Spiral Binding Available
    • Provides an upscale look. Easy to update items and price points.
    • Markets each menu section individually
  • Point of Purchase Products
    • Posters
    • Table Toppers
    • Drink & Dessert Menus
  • To-Go Menus

Start earning 7 to 10% more now!

Our clients regularly report a 7 – 10 percent increase in sales with their new GMI-designed menu.

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